The Anglican Examiner, Copyright by Donn Mitchell, 2008
      The Anglican Examiner is committed to promoting scholarly
vocations, both for the church and for the world Christ came
to save.  The coming months will feature articles and other resources
intended to answer these and other questions.  
An on-line directory of the teachers, writers, and scholars of
North American Anglicanism is planned for the fall of 2010.  To
prevent spammers and telemarketers from harvesting data, e-mail and
telephone numbers will be omitted.  Postal addresses will be included.
Although the plan is to promote scholarly vocations throughout the
Anglican Communion, the initial focus will be on the educational
resources and requirements for teaching and publishing ministries in
North America.  The challenge of financing both basic and advanced
theological education will receive special attention.

The Anglican Examiner
Encouraging Careers in Theological Education   
Through their own essays as well as print and audio
interviews, practitioners in the field, whether tenured
professors, independent scholars, or students, will detail the
work theologians actually do on a day-to-day basis.  Topics
will explore the importance of this work for the church and
society at large and identify what needs to be done to attract
new talent and to mentor the next generation of theologians.
And what do  
they do all  
What  education  
is  required?
Who are the  
How do you  
become a  
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