A total of 7.5% of the salse price of any merchandise you buy from Powell’s Books
www.AnglicanExaminer.com will benefit the human rights program of The
Anglican Examiner, a religion and public affairs website which seeks to inspire
religious activism on behalf of human rights, economic justice, and environmental

Among other things,
The Anglican Examiner's human rights program seeks to
incorporate human rights protocols into international business corporations through the
investment activities of religious communities, educational institutions, and city and
state pension funds.  It also seeks to encourage religious communities to address the
question of how the principles of the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights can and
should apply
within religious communities, especially with regard to questions of the
status of women and LGBT people and to questions of freedom of conscience
religious communities and respect for freedom of religion
by religious communities
themselves and by other non-governmental organizations.

The employees of Powell's Books are represented by Local 5, ILWU.  You can
learn more about them

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